Free Parking

For the last few months this guy has been arriving first thing in the morning to bag this prime spot above the beach. No one can park in front of him, he’s close to the stairs, picnic tables, and bathrooms. The bus is there all day, but I've never seen him, or her (or them). I wonder where he steals away to at night to button up and go to sleep. And how does he fund his public hermit existence? There are quite a few of these live aboards around town, all over Southern California I suppose, roaming the streets in all manner of vans and RVs, looking for a pleasant place to spend the day. I have this romantic notion of joining them. I daydream of cruising down to the beach early in the morning to grab a parking spot, go for an early surf, then hang out all day with a cooler of supplies and some reading material. Maybe put up an awning and roll out some Baja grass, and pass the time until the evening glass off…


  1. it man,
    there you have good weather, large PCH, and cheap food

  2. there used to be a guy in an old vw van with a d-fin on top posted up at the spots around town. if he wasn't trimming he was reading in his van. i love my home and my life but i would get jealous once in a while