Over five years since I've posted here.  I was curious if any of the old surf bloggers were still posting.  I found a few so figured I'd say hello.

Both my kids are now in high school...

Surf has been crap for three years, but picking up lately.  I have not been surfing since my knees are screwed up from too much backpacking this year.

I climbed three mountains this year and did a shit ton of training for it.  Telescope Peak, Mt. Langley, Mt. Whitney.  Good times but now I'm in physical therapy.  I'll be surfing again soon.

I got my old van back.

I never shoot with a camera any more..


Best Surf Movie Ever

Fun waves, adventure, chicks, trippy music, a Vega Wagon, single fins, and V-Dubs

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Log It!

Single Fin, Zero Logos.  50/50 Rails. 9'6".

Blue Fin

Keep it simple.  Extremely clean pinlines by Peter Pinliner, glassing by Moonlight. Speed finish.  6'8"

For Sale!

You'll be smiling, just like this guy:



Just picked up this 9'2" classic pig inspired summer board at Moonlight. Slight concave under the nose transitioning to a rolled vee starting midway and running through the tail. Fifty-fifty egg rails and a fin box for experimentation. Falsa balsa paint job on either side of the basswood stringer.

For Sale!



Picked up Matt's custom for him at Moonlight this morning. Slate blue spray on the bottom and rails, black and red pin-lines on the deck. Forgot to take a close up pic of the pin-lines. Oops. The usual immaculate finish work by the folks at Moonlight.

9'2" Point Grinder Model. A no nonsense performance noserider with smooth blended concave in the nose transitioning to a panel vee through the business end of the board. Tucked under edge rails. This model is fast and loose and above all, just plain fun to ride.

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Custom Order

9'2" Point Grinder Model for Matt.

Basic 2+1 Modern Longboard.